POST #10: Hey Grammar Police, I No Longer Fear You!

I’ve never fancied myself much of a writer (it’s always been more of my sister’s gig). Writing always seemed so painful, especially when I had to use a word processor (that required correction tape to be inserted) when I was a freshman in college. The creation and accessibility to social media was certainly intriguing, as it feels much less strict in application.

At first I was fearful that no one would even interested in what I might have to say on any given topic. But after witnessing what so many people feel free to share via social media it seems a moot point. Through blogging I can be myself; and there are plenty-o-other people out on the interwebs that I can be lost amongst if you don’t like my style. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m getting older and care less about what others are going to say about me (or to me). I suppose I figure that I’ve struggled long enough with trying to be the right person and to act the “right” or acceptable way, that I understand I’m not everyone’s cup of tea – I don’t even care for tea.

I find writing a blog is far more exciting to me than writing a paper. Now don’t get me wrong I love doing the research on just about anything; but having to accurately articulate what you’ve researched in the “proper way” is what stresses me out.

I’ve never been a strong speller. I think of myself as being a bit like Winnie the Pooh – “Because my spelling is Wobbly. It’s good spelling but it Wobbles, and the letters get in the wrong places” I suppose I thank goodness for spellcheck, because without it I’d be totally screwed! Focus on grammatical errors prevented me from any notion of writing unless it was absolutely necessary. I never even kept a journal or diary for fear that someone might read it and somehow use what was written to humiliate me (not the actual content, but for the messiness and nonsensicalness).

I even had a crazy fear of being requested to fill out Mad Libs (what’s an adverb again?). I was clear on nouns and verbs, but after that it became squishy to me. I would resort to thinking back to the posters hanging on my grade school walls with images to explain each part of speech. To me life was more about the aesthetic appeal that it offered, rather than the right choice of phrasing.

After taking this class (and being forced into creating a real blog vs. micro-blogging like via Tumblr, or Facebook – if that even counts) I’ve found that unless you take the time to write at least 300-500 words you’re not really disclosing a whole lot to folks.

I think there are plenty-o-folks out there on the interwebs and out in the blog-o-sphere who could stand to classy it up, or tone it down for that matter; but I’m glad they’re all there. We need to experience the uniqueness of others to discover more about ourselves—if not only for a bit of inspiration. I’ve finally realized that I should simply just be me. Write what comes naturally and to no longer avoid what others might think is odd. Everyone has something to share that can only come from his or her unique perspective. We all need to have a purpose in what we say/write, what we should be most concerned with is whether or not the purpose of the message we send is understood.

This was inspired by a blog post of a peer from our Integrated Marketing Communications class and from my general fear of public humiliation through writing.

4 thoughts on “POST #10: Hey Grammar Police, I No Longer Fear You!

  1. This is great – I really enjoyed it! I really have an overwhelming urge to write about this – but really didn’t want to write about writing or blog about blogging – but I might – and by the way:

    Grammar Nazis are assholes –

    Failed linguists 😀 I’ll read more of your blog for sure. You just write, find your voice – that’s the most important thing… There’s always time to refine the rest!

  2. Amen to getting older and not caring what other people think! I’ve also enjoyed our intro to blogging in this class. It inspired me to maybe take a shot at it myself. You are incredibly creative and have come up with some amazing content! Quirky and original is a hot commodity right now. People don’t want perfection, it’s boring!

  3. Excellent post. While I personally do fancy well written pieces, interesting content that holds attention is what matters most.

    With that said, I have made it my personal mission to banish the urge to write in text messaging (abbreviated) format. The rest can be forgiven.

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