POST #8: Flip Out


A little background might be helpful to explain the context of where I’m coming from before I introduce the app selected.

As of October 1, I’ve been with the same company for 12 years. Damn, that’s a long time (longer yet, if you’re in IT;). I like to frame it up as: “I’ve been in IT the whole time. I realize it comes as a surprise. I assure you, it surprises me as much as it does the people I work with (and virtually anyone who knows me)”.

In my role I get to do the fun extrovert-y stuff that most (stereotypical) IT folk are a bit adverse to. In the simplest terms, I help others to communicate effectively to their audiences and market projects and teams within Technology Services to the “business”. If that means nothing yet, that’s cool – stay with me. The beauty of having someone like me in IT (i.e., someone not super technical) is that if I don’t understand what something is, I continue to ask questions until the process or action can be explained simply. Part of my role is to be a “digital advisor” to leaders and peers struggling to understand the available tools and collaborative technologies we use internally and basics of social media available externally.

During a work event – where the specific purpose was to help senior leaders understand new technologies available – I was introduced to Flipboard. DH, a friend of mine (who works in a training department) was projecting his iPad to a digital screen as he provided a visual walk-thru the app to passers-by. He pointed out its attributes and basic gestures for navigation. This allowed folks to ask specific and opportune questions about its functionality.

Flipboard is and online magazine (or magazines) that you create on your own to share or read ones that others have curated. The luxury of this tool is that you can add information from virtually anywhere; making it a one-stop-shop for your news and interest needs. You aren’t prevented from adding any topics or articles from outside venues. I discovered I could add several items in the app, that in the past, I would navigate directly to (e.g., Maddie On Things & All Things D – D = digital). Now I’m almost navigation free with Flipboard!


Using Flipboard I can get all of the items I’m looking for using a single/primary app. You get real information you’re genuinely interested in and none of the clutter like you’ll get on Facebook. I have topics ranging from Food to Design to Technology to Best of Tumblr. And I follow other magazines curated by others – like Digital U, a magazine curated on Flipboard by a colleague of mine, Dan Phan. I also make sure to check Flipboard’s Cover Stories to see if anything is on the rise that I may have missed.

Perhaps one of the cleverest marketing tactics Flipboard has used is its explanation of the benefits to all of the possible unique audiences. On the website (available from the website, click Community > Flipboard for You), Flipboard provides a short blurb about the applicability to each audience. Following each blurb is a link to the Inside Flipboard blog that provides a deeper level of information and benefits to that audience. Basically they’ve addressed individual target markets, all via the same venue – clever!

An example of one audience introduction via the Flipboard for You page:

“Flipboard For Corporate Teams

Corporate teams can streamline internal and external communications with easy-to-read, informative magazines that keep employees, clients and customers abreast of company and industry news.

Learn more on Inside Flipboard.”

Although I still have an affinity for paper magazines I’m digging learning more about the app. I’ve since pared down to only one magazine that I continue to receive in the mail (The Atlantic). You could learn quite a bit, I presume, by looking at behavioral habits on this app.


Interested in learning more? Check out these links…

2 thoughts on “POST #8: Flip Out

  1. That’s really awesome how you were introduced to this app. The technology we have available today to project videos from things like iPads is amazing. I’ve never heard of this app and I’ll be sure to check it out. I’m a content junkie so I’m sure I would love it!

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