POST #7: Gloria, and Other “Chicky” Things

chicks2 google images

chicks2 google imagmages

As a student, my remaining non-corporate work hours are chiefly dedicated to: B (my furry child – this includes feeding, walking, vet, and forced-cuddle time); sleeping; homework; attending class; eating/crapping/prepping, laundry and cleaning (think of this as an ingredients list. The stuff at the beginning has a bit more significance). If you know me, you realize how impressive it is for this chick, to have laundry and cleaning last on the list of my life’s recipe.

Needless to write (say? meh-whatever), shopping (though a love of mine) is not something that takes priority at this juncture. Let’s just say that this non-shopping situation very much displeases me. I see myself as having two main options. One, what’s available to me when I’m in downtown Mpls while at work; or online with amazon (this is pretty much the way I roll, with my Prime Student status, I’m gonna be taking advantage while the getting is good).

Amazon Prime is perhaps the coolest thing ever, at least for me. I’ve been in an ongoing relationship with them for years (decades?); and I must admit it’s been quite lovely. I’m pre-Prime and proud of it! The Prime program became more noticeable to me right after I returned to school as I was purchasing all of my books and “extras” from Already I felt I was getting a fabulous deal, but for a mere $39 bucks (versus the $79 annual fee – which still only breaks down to $6.58 a month) you can’t beat the dividends you receive.

BTW – Netflix and Hulu Plus are both $7.99 a month, just for watching stuff that I don’t really have time for anyway – just sayin’. Amazon Prime provides me access to so many of the same “shared” content. In addition to video, I also get 2-day shipping on all of my Prime eligible orders. The other benefit I appreciate is the ease of one-click ordering. Did I mention my elation that one-click ordering is also available via my iPhone?


Bitter With Baggage Seeks Same by Sloane Tanen via

A while back, I was able to hook with my girl Jess, using amazon’s iPhone app. Jess needed a little pick-me-up so I searched the app for something I knew would make her laugh – Bitter with Baggage Seeks Same: The Life and Times of Some Chickens by Sloane Tanen. And just like that, with my one-click ordering, Jess had the book sent to her address in two days. With the ease and setup of their Internet and their application interfaces, always provides me with seamless user interface capabilities. This makes my ordering possibilities endless and über easy! For me, this is dangerous territory. The danger lies in my inability to differentiate appropriately between my needs and wants.

Gloria "the chicken purse"

Gloria “the chicken purse”

For example there was the case of Gloria, the Chicken purse. It was Gloria’s (who received her name post-purchase) pop of color that caught my eye in the right-navigation column while shopping for schoolbooks. In my mind she was really a need, not a want. How could you not want this bag? Especially after you check out the amazing pictorial reviews provided by other shoppers.

Oh, and I guess that’s the third best thing about amazon Prime, the reviews! If I’m ever going to check for something I might buy, anywhere, I check amazon reviews. I find them quite reliable, at least more so than other sites that I’ve also checked (e.g., c-net, Target). And there’s almost always a review, not matter the product – just ask Gloria, she’ll vouch for that!

More Luvs for the B

B giving lip

B giving lip

9 thoughts on “POST #7: Gloria, and Other “Chicky” Things

  1. I love Amazon Prime! I can’t get half the stuff I need in Ely and Amazon is my go to online retailer. You can’t beat the two day shipping, steaming movies, and Kindle book borrowing. More me it’s completely worth the money and I’ll probably always be a member. I never knew there was a student version though!

  2. I love Amazon Prime! Second day shipping, streaming movies, and a Kindle borrowing library! The perks never end. I can’t get half the stuff I need in Ely, so Amazon comes to the rescue on almost a weekly basis. I didn’t know they had a student version though!? PS – Love the furry children 🙂

    • Awe, I’m so glad you appreciate the B! And that there are others who appreciate Amazon Prime. You should definitely look at the student version (much cheeper) if you will still be a student come next semester.

    • Sara – I have to get in there (i.e., Eggplant Urban Farm) this winter/spring. It’s so close to me. Although I have a feeling it will be dangerous; I’m finally going to have time to garden next year – YAY!

  3. Thanks Ami. I have Amazon Prime, which I opened up once when I needed a book for a Theology class and could only find on Amazon. But I did not know I had 2 day free shipping and streaming video. I have now checked it out, found Gloria, and will be doing more Christmas shopping online. I agree, I do like the reviews.

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