POST #6: Possessing Ritualistic Ninja Exploring Proficiencies


Whist working and attending school, I’m at a loss of actual daylight on most days (sorry, B!), and especially with the recent time change. Yippy for the cooler sleeping weather and all; but I now wake-up and go to work in the dark. This means walking B with a little flashlight before work (cause I’m so cool, or just weird and anal-retentive).

The lack of light was a contributing factor in my inability to take a photo of said, “observed support media,” for this post. But perhaps it was a blessing. Since instead I provided better quality photos and media (the “extra-fancy” kind) by searching the inter-webs for “clever outdoor ads”. There are, most assuredly, some clever advertisements out there. I dug into a few until I decided on the Use Only What You Need (UOWYN) campaign for Denver Water.

My initial thoughts about Denver Water were, “Hey this is pretty cool – an outdoor campaign seems fitting for them, since it’s targeting water usage in the summer and it’s also deeply integrated into people’s day-to-day activities.” When decided on Denver Water, I switched the basic search to continue my mad exploration into the campaign.

Denver Water’s ongoing UOWYN campaign (2005-2013) was created with the help of Sukle Advertising & Design. For all years prior to 2013, they promoted using only what you need; but heavy droughts endangered their most specific cause – water conservation. The attention getter was in spinning, ever so slightly, their branded tagline. The updated Use Even Less campaign grabs attention (not only to drought concerns; but applicable to the overarching connector with conservation and making smart choices for us and our world). Denver Water still encourages their message to use less water; but also displays a mutual concern for the earth, environment, waste impact, etc. Resulting in a tighter connection with their audience (people living in, visiting, passing through Denver, CO). Or perhaps, only wishful thinking that has the potential to create a new mindset/culture change that melds with the way of life.

It was difficult not to be drawn in by the campaign’s charm – I became addicted. Each medium was considered for what it was, and for its sustainability impact. For those channels not directly related to water conservation the concept was expanded to overall sustainability (conservation, over-consumption…). Thus, confirming my assessment that this was a unique, cleverly delivered, and creatively expressed campaign that heavily utilized support media in its marketing mix (< see what I did here, those are key words from our textbook;). Clearly I could not decide on what specific example to share. So instead, several are provided.

The fruits of my efforts…


Sprinkler Billboard  – Over the course of their multiyear campaign Denver Water has become known for their slick billboards. Additional billboard and bus side tag lines included, CNSRV, GV A DM, and B STNGY. With these, Denver Water encourages their audience to conserve as they would do via text, LOL‼!! (Sorry, I realize I went a little overboard on those explanation points – I‘ll work harder to hold myself back).


Conveyor Belts – You know those little ‘separator sticks’ they have for the conveyor belt at the store? With this campaign, Sukle not only beautified the conveyor belts by making them look like water; they used those sticks too! This tactic might also prompt the client to think about purchasing only what they need, and will actually use.


Talk Bubbles – I’d totally have these in my yard (well, if I had a yard to put signs on). It’s a grassroots campaign… Get it? Huh? Get it! This was only one of many that ‘featured’ grass as its star; there’s also a great short video where grass shares the spotlight with Spot!


Barrels Use of metal barrels in public places allows people to visualize their overuse/waste. It’s a bit staggering to see in a picture; I can’t imagine walking by and not marinating for a bit and on how much extra-anything I use. Hmm,  where I might cut back a bit (e.g., water > brushing my teeth in the shower, use the dehumidifier repository to water the plants; not water specific > refrain from purchasing unnecessarily overly packaged goods)? Different locations across the city; each proving differing, yet staggering, statistics. Especially creepy, when the numbers are real size – and bigger than you to boot!

Denver Water running toilet

Running Toilet  – This was an exceptionally unique way to get the word out. A tactic of which has proven to be effective for Denver Water beyond the field.


Elevator Doors – This simply makes me want a new shower curtain. #loveit


Fire Hydrants – B’s version of heaven!

About Sukle Advertising & Design

Denver Water kept it local with their agency selection (Sukle is also based in Denver). As a new agency at the time, they were looking  to make their avowal.

I loved the clean minimalist look that Sukle Advertising & Design has for their website. Clearly displaying how, as a design agency, their brand is their clients’ brand – love the example. I don’t think I would have noticed it had we not read about/discussed it for class;/ There is another excellent “feature” on Sukle’s website that’s an added bonus to anyone seeking an ad agency (and a way for the them to advertise itself in a transparent and “clean” manner – I see a theme surfacing). They go the extra step of providing the user everything in the Sukle portfolio – not to mention, clear explanations (listed with a photographed example) as to why and how the medium was used for the campaign. So I guess my “clever outdoor advertising” Google search was a success!

More #amazeballs UOWYN campaign examples are available on Sukle’s website, check it out just for fun.

Additional Items of Interest:
Denver Water’s website (for campaign)
Sukle Advertising & Design website

Kisses from B

Miss B

Miss B

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