POST #4: Queen Bee and the Red Badge of Courage

Straight from the mouths of babes, we finally have an ad with real words that real girls use. If not another ad ever airs promoting feminine hygiene products with a woman wearing white or a bathing suit to show me how secure I should feel as I’m bleeding like a stuck pig, I would be forever grateful. …Psst, that’s a hint for any of you marketing firms or manufacturers out there (Unilever, Proctor & Gamble) – you know who you are).

“Helloflo was born to deliver just what a woman needs when she needs it.” Targeting girls/women who menstruate, Helloflo is concerned with empowering women. Encouraging us to no longer be embarrassed to talk with each other about our periods.

With over 6,256,034 hits on YouTube, “The Camp Gyno” promotes Helloflo’s discreet tampon and pad delivery service. The advert was originally posted to YouTube on Jul 28, 2013; but it is also accessible via Helloflo’s website and various other blogs and discussion forums, on which its been broadly shared. And it’s no wonder really. I think many folks have been looking for honesty – the hilarity certainly does not detract from its amazingly campy awesomeness! You cannot seriously tell me that, “It’s like Santa for your vagina!” didn’t make you laugh.

What’s fabulous about this ad is that it broaches a topic that has forever been a general source of discomfort with men and women alike. In everyday conversations we speak in code to avoid directly discussing the topic of menstruation. We’ve lived in a society where it is uncouth to talk about something many of us clearly know exists; if not from our own experience, certainly from Health class.

Not only is it extremely refreshing to hear (at least close to) proper terminology; but also to have it coming from a young girl’s point of view.  And just in case anyone reading this was thinking that girls don’t talk about things like their periods or use words like this, you are sadly mistaken. As a previously young girl myself, I can assure you they do – I’d be happy to provide vouchers upon request.

Many thanks “Joan” or The Camp Gyno! My arc is waiting.

Final Notes:)
You can learn more about Helloflo’s Story, or check out Period Hacks, their Tumblr blog.
The song “QUEEN BEE,” featured in this video, was written/produced by: Stelios Phili, Jeff Luppino-Esposito, Pete Marquis and Ryan Campbell. You can download the song here.
Just on the off-chance there are folks out there who happen to be unaware, Tampax offers step-by-step instructions for How to Use a Tampon.

8 thoughts on “POST #4: Queen Bee and the Red Badge of Courage

  1. I love this ad! It’s witty and real. I’ve never heard of Helloflo until you shared this post. The whole concept seems genius. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a care package filled with candy and tampons delivered to their house every month?

  2. This was great! It is, or was when I was young taboo to talk about your period. I never even knew a thing about it when I got mine. What a traumatic experience that was. Now I have a 7yr. old daughter. She has known about periods for years. She thinks nothing of it to talk about it. Every so often she has questions and we talk about it. When she was six, she told me she can’t wait to get her period (I think that is so hilarious and sweet). I did not tell her, No you don’t. I just told her someday she will and to let me know when it happens. I would rather her be like the “Camp Gyno” than to be the way I was.
    This was Awesome!

  3. I too had never herd of HelloFlo until you brought it to my attention with this post. I also like you am tired of the current marketing ploys to get me to buy feminine hygiene products. The blue die does not entice me in any way to purchase their said products. It is so great that someone has finally addressed a topic in such a simple way to not make it taboo or scary for the next generations. I will remember this and pass it on to my sister-in-law when my nieces reach this stage in their young lives.

  4. This commercial had me laughing out loud…not only because it had a little shock value because it was so honest with no politically correct language, it was to the point, in a way all us that were little girls at one time had to deal with. The part where she hands a girl a handful of tampons and a mirror really made me laugh. My older girl friends did the same thing to me! Ha ha!
    I have never heard of the Company HelloFlo until your blog, and I went out and looked at it and it is a sweet idea for that first time crisis all girls go through, and the starter kit would be a easy and fun way for a parent to introduce the natural cycle we woman face, but I don’t see using their services past that. I like how they also teamed up with another savvy company empowering our young girls. has a bracelet in the starter kit, representing different colors for different times of our bodies cycle. It’s a great way to educate our young girls and taking the fear out of such a confusing milestone in their lives.
    Great commercial!

  5. I couldn’t be more excited that I was, at the very least, able to share this #amazeballs video with folks that hadn’t yet seen it. And even more stoked that you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did:) Thanks for the comments!

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