POST #2: An Inherited Lady-in-Waiting

The Baja peninsula is a 775-mile stretch of land afloat in the Pacific Ocean. This mystical place begins at the southern California border and extends down to Cabo San Lucas. It is a color-riche place known for the vividness of its people, folklore, culture, food, and wildlife of its rolling hills and clear-blue sea.

Rich in culture, history, and mystery, the Baja provides its visitors with colorful stories and mementos, reminding them of their experiences. These mementos and their stories are later handed-down, inherited by others with less knowledge of their origin.

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Color of the Baja

Color of the Baja

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One such memento has made its way to me. The Lady stands as a celebration of the female form on the softness of velvet. Relaxed, quiet, and blissful, she exists in a pleasant darkness. It is only when you take a moment to pause and look deeper that she unveils herself to your gaze.

Having evolved from mother earth—with the help of an artist’s imagination and fingertips—the lady-in-waiting is exotic. The darkness of her skin and her nymph-like (yet muscular) curves are only unveiled with kisses of light and the faded green orb that glows around her.

It is unfortunate, but not all who cross her path appreciate her unique beauty. It’s at those times where she holds certain emptiness, and silently suffers from unrequited love. But she is no delicate flower. Stoically she waits. Standing in darkness throughout the day. The sunlight pours in through the windows, but it does not graze her skin, so light and peach-fuzzy soft. At the day’s end, the door slowly creeps open and the faux-sunlight shines on her majestic figure. She’s been waiting, ever so quiet and patient. Like a “proper lady,” no words escape from her lips; she simply stands in her beauty.

We’ve come to know each other quite well, even establishing things in common—well except for the quiet part… I can see her beauty and relate it to my own. We both have our own baggage and history, and are both prone to being a bit tattered and scattered. She too suffers the tragedy of becoming covered in dog fur when wearing black. However, her beauty regiment differs somewhat from mine; I must vacuum the fur and dust that collects on her, since showers aren’t really a viable option.

The Lady came to me by way of Bill & Judy Thomas who were delighted (at least Bill was) to make her acquaintance on one of the many visits they made to the Baja. A “piece” that graced the walls of the Thomas’ formal living room proudly hung above the davenport, to be admired and coveted by all who came in contact with her. Several men—widowers and long-time friends of Bill and Judy—asked about her at Judy’s funeral. Where had she ended up? They wanted to take over the responsibilities of caring for her, as she will likely outlive us all. But instead of those men who knew much more about her story, she was passed on to me to join her and share the next steps of her tireless journey.

Venturing from a land of colorful contrasts, the Lady is certainly a conversation piece. The most amazing quality she shares is her quirky kitschy originality. The Lady allows those with the illustrious opportunity to gaze upon her, to create our own fantasy and backstory. You will find yourself absorbed by her; much like the oil used to create her soaks into the velvet medium. She challenges us to see what is really there, to look with new eyes at what surrounds us. So relax, take a moment longer and gaze upon her, she’ll grow on you. But I plead with you to be wary of making quick judgments, because hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

"The Lady"

“The Lady”

2 thoughts on “POST #2: An Inherited Lady-in-Waiting

  1. I was able to get a glimpse of the Lady in Waiting in class on Friday. That did not serve justice. I have to say that the way the light shines on her in your picture and the way you describe her definitely brings about the mystery of who she is and what her baggage is. You have a wonderful story behind your piece and that makes the art much more admired and priceless. Enjoy!

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